Keys to Transition Well

Transition can shake us up in unique ways. It doesn’t usually just effect one area of our lives, but has a way of making everything seem off balance. It’s not usually a great time to make big decisions, but it can be a good time to take a look and see, while everything is already up in the air, if anything needs to change or shift and to embrace it and go with it.

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Mother’s Day Inspiring Mom Highlight: Jodi Anton

Today, I want to highlight a mom that is passionate about living her life in a way that breaks down the “mommy wars” and instead of competing with other moms, does nothing but love and support them. I want to talk about Jodi Anton, because when I think of moms supporting other moms, especially in the most practical ways, Jodi is the first person I think of.

Remembering my Mom

I want to be more intentional about remembering all these good things that I get to carry on and pass down to my kids. When I see these beautiful qualities coming out in my kids, it gives me fresh eyes to see my mom for who she was at heart and it brings me joy to remember her in that light.

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