What does five things look like?

Hey all! I hope you’ve had some time to think about what are your five things. I am a very extreme person here. I’m very much 110% or 0. There really hasn’t been any in between for me… until now. I am reading the book Finish , by Jon Acuff, and in it he talks quite a bit about how perfectionism is your enemy when it comes to getting anything done. It resonates with me because I never really thought of my extreme nature as perfectionism. It couldn’t be perfectionism- I’m so laid back.22519491_10154829874607461_4655302164915799436_n

The reason I am talking about that is because in order to go on our five things journey we just have to start! If you are like me you may have grand ideas what that will look like, get overwhelmed at the thought of moving forward, and then give up all together. I often have tried to do start five new habits in a week- I’ll let you guess how many actually stuck.

Let’s slow it on down and pick one thing to start with. Look at your five things list. Think of one way you can say yes today to one thing on your list. If it’s easier for you to get started with saying no to something to help clear your plate first, go for it!

This weekend I was challenged by my list. I think it was one of the first times I’ve made a serious decisions based on what the five most important things are to me. Justin and I have been talking about getting a bigger vehicle. We have five kids who all have long legs and we like to take a lot of car trips which requires stuffing our minivan to the gills! Packing for a weekend of camping with 7 people is no easy task! Anyways, we went to test drive a vehicle we’ve been looking at and thinking about for a while. It was a good deal, humongous, and everything we could ever need… except we had not actually saved up for it. Being debt free is something that is really important in our family, but be that as it may when you are behind the wheel of a beast it’s easy to throw caution to the wind, rationalize it in your mind, and talk yourself into “the deal of a lifetime.” If I would have said yes to going into debt for this car I would have absolutely been saying no to several of my five things. Living generously would have become a challenge knowing we owe so much money, and because we hate debt I can only imagine the stress it would put on our family relationships. It was hard to say no, but there was actually a feeling of freedom and relief that came with it. I’m so thankful see my yeses in front of me because it helps to have a visual when I need to say no.

Let’s not let perfectionism stop us from just trying! What are you going to work toward today? Feel free to share in the comments so I can cheer you on! One big reason I wanted to start this blog is for my own accountability as well and to build community as we cheer each other on to being our best selves!



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