Soup for Syria

One of my passions is food: fresh, hearty and healthy. I’m so ready for soup weather and this heat wave is cramping my style a bit. Two weeks ago, when it got cool, I bought some acorn squash with soup in mind, so when the weather warmed up, my mind was already set on soup. The kids thought having soup in 80 degree weather was weird, but even though they would never admit it, I think they’re ready for soup weather too.

Over the weekend my dear friend Sarah invited our family over for dinner and I was delighted to find that soup was on the menu! Not just any soup – It was a perfectly savory Sweet Potato Feta soup from a lovely cook book called Soup for Syria . This a book I can get behind. It was put together by a photographer named Barbara Abdeni Massaad. She says, “When I visited the Syrian refugees in Lebanon, I said to them: ‘Had I been a barber, I would have cut your hair. Because I am a cookbook writer and photographer, I am doing what I can do to help through my work.” Seeing this book in Sarah’s kitchen did not surprise me. She has the biggest, most beautifully caring heart, and inspires me to love well!


The idea of Soup for Syria speaks to my heart on so many levels. Each of us are born with special gifts. Along the way, we can be distracted by others’ gifts being used in powerful ways and start to think that we need to have their gift to make a difference. “If only I had their finances, then I could donate buckets of money… If only I had their musical abilities, then I could lead worship like a boss… If only I had their ability to throw a Pinterest worthy party…” (Can you see some of the lies I used to believe?) It was so powerful to read Barbara’s reason behind creating this cook book that is bringing world class chefs together to raise funds to help the displaced people of Syria. She saw a need, looked at what she could realistically do to contribute, and went for it! Also – soup. Guys, soup almost made my list of five things. This book has my name alll over it. The photographs in this book are stunning. They let you see the beauty that is humanity. It gives a face to the hurting and displaced, and when you purchase the book you are helping in a small way to make a difference in their lives.

It is so important to know our five things. What gifts are already inside of you that you can use when saying yes to your five things? Maybe you love food and cooking as much as I do and can take a meal to a new mom, or to a not so new mom who is juggling lots of kids while trying to work full time and would be ridiculously blessed by a home cooked meal. Maybe you’re passionate about community and can share a meal with your elderly neighbor. It doesn’t even have to be food, but seeing as everyone has to eat, I thought that was a good starting point. It is in being faithful in the small things that we create something great. You were not created to do all.the.things, but to do the things you were created for well!

I mentioned my sweet friend Sarah and want to close by sharing her blog. She writes about their journey so beautifully, and it is an encouraging resource if you are contemplating adoption at all. You feel like you are part of the experience and you never know what seeds might be planted through her story: A Persevering Heart




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  1. Jen

    I love this! I was just talking about this same thing too! Instead of us being frustrated that we don’t have a certain gift, we need to just see whAts in our own hand and do that. I’m ok with that. I like that Gods expectations for us are pretty attainable in many ways. We sometimes just need a kick in the pants to realize it 😉 Right on Jess.

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