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When you think about food what comes to mind? A grocery store perhaps, maybe a restaurant? How about the farm where the food would have come from or the farmer?

Food is something that is really important to me- where it comes from, what’s in it, and how it affects my body. One of the major reasons that I created this blog was for accountability, to bring myself back to what is truly important, as well as to hopefully inspire you on your journey to do the same.

Over the summer Justin traveled every. single. week for work. I really appreciate how hard he works for our family and am so thankful for his job. I would be lying if I didn’t say it was a challenge to have all five kids by myself during those times. This summer I needed to look for ways to make things run smoothly, and for me that meant starting to slide with food. Dinner time with the kids was made much easier by purchasing more prepared foods and giving into macaroni and cheese way more than I should have. Are these things wrong- absolutely not, but for me I missed the connection to my food.


blue bikeI have read so many books on food (maybe I’ll share my list here someday if you’re interested), but recently was challenged while reading Notes from a Blue Bike by Tsh Oxenreider. She talks about slowing down in all areas of life and of course there is a section on food and what we eat. It was exactly what I needed in the moment. It spoke to my soul and reawakened my passion for food. I highly recommend Tsh Oxenreider as an author and love her heart and drive to bring about the The Art of Simple.

I am so thankful that, as I mentioned in an earlier post, seasons change! Justin’s travel schedule has slowed drastically- Thank you Jesus! Life has finally moved from survival mode to a happy rhythm, and fall has drawn me back into the kitchen.

Cooking is one aspect of food that I love, but so is connecting with where it comes from. In reawakening my passion for food I needed to come back to where it all began. Nine years ago I signed up for a CSA called Fresh Fork Market. It was a new program that focused on buying from farms within 100 miles of Cleveland, putting together a mix of different fruits, vegetables, dairy, and meat in a bag, and delivering it to different pickup locations close to where you live. They have grown so much and improved quite a bit over the last few years. They have now opened a brick and mortar store, Ohio City Provisions, they offer a variety of cooking classes, and they have purchased their own farm!


I love Fresh Fork so much that I actually worked for them for three years. I did everything from working pick up locations, speaking at PTA meetings, making phone calls, taking my kids along for an occasional farm run, and teaching the baby food classes. I made so many great relationships there. The staff, as well as many customers, really became like family. When I think of food I think of all the people it takes to get it from the farm to my table. I’m sure it no surprise by now, but for me it always comes back to relationships.

Working Tremont  with the “Dream Team” while 7 months pregnant with Avi.

I needed to take a break from Fresh Fork for the summer, but as the season changed I felt it calling me back. I signed up for the last few weeks of the season, and when I went to get my bag last night my heart felt so full! I needed to step away from my passion for a season but it honestly brought back a whole new appreciation.

What passion is calling you back in this season? I would love to hear!



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