You are worth it!

This weekend I was working on a project. Justin had been mentioning wanting curtain tiebacks for a while, and I actually remembered while shopping at World Market this weekend. They were having their friends and family event which means 30% off the whole store! I’ve often mentioned to Justin that one day instead of buying a new house we should just save up and buy a World Market… I could definitely live happily in there!

akkuschrauber-2239493_1280Saturday afternoon I was trying to put up the tiebacks to surprise Justin, and that meant he wasn’t home while I was doing it. I dug through his tool bag to find his drill. As I was trying to drill literally the 2 screws it needed, the drill was slooooowly dying. The batteries were slowly running out and I didn’t know if they needed to be replaced or recharged so I did what I think just about anyone would do… kept using the dying drill…

It got me thinking about how much we are like that drill. Our batteries are dying and instead of taking the time to recharge we just. keep. going. I mentioned in an earlier post that, in the past, instead of slowing down and recharging, I just added more to my plate. What is it that keeps us from taking the time to recharge our batteries? Sometimes we forget how valuable we are. It is easy to forget about ourselves when we are so busy taking care of everyone and holding the world together. battery-1688883_1280

It is necessary for us to plug ourselves into the things that recharge us and give us life. You are worth taking the time to find out what brings you joy, makes your heart happy and, most importantly, gives you life! If you can’t decide on five things, take some time to figure out at least one or two that will fill you up. When we do the things that make us come alive, they recharge us. Sometimes, when I’m feeling depleted, I just like to pull out my guitar and spend some time worshiping, or spend time in the kitchen cooking soup. Those are two things I do that help me to recharge and feel full.

Don’t let your batteries run out. You are valuable. You are worth it! 9924876d3ca3669f84120fa42cb3835b



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