Hey Friends!

First I want to say, wow! I have gotten some really great feedback from so many of you amazing folks! It makes my heart so happy when I run into someone in person and they tell me they are trying to figure out their five things. That’s all I’m after. That is what this whole blog is about – to inspire you and get you thinking about what five things are most important to you and what you want to be remembered for.

Free stamp in my home town of CLE


Many of us tend to overthink things. Five things is intended to make your life easier. I think many of you are overthinking your choices. This is not meant to restrict, but to set you free.


I thought of a great activity to get the ball rolling and give you a very practical way to get you thinking about your five things.

Create an epitaph. What do you want people to say about you when you’re gone? Call me crazy, but I don’t think anyone needs people to remember them for being the busiest person they ever knew. I know I used to wear my busyness like a badge of honor, but would probably cry if that’s the only thing I was remembered for.

Guys, I’m right here with you! We are on this journey together. I’m going to include my epitaph here to show that I’m working through this thing right along side you.

“Jess Beard loved ridiculously well and always gave her best to her family. Jess was excited about helping people to live their best lives and encouraged them in their health, body and soul. Jess lived with open hands and was always happy to give what she had. She poured herself into her children and many others. Connecting children’s hearts to Jesus brought her so much joy. Her favorite pastime was laughing until she cried with her hot husband.”

Here’s the thing – now is your chance to write it. I’ve been to more funerals than I’d like, and one thing I’ve learned is that everyone spends that time reminiscing and talking about the deceased – the good, the bad, and sometimes the ugly. What do you want people saying about you? You can start to live it now.

This is the first step in figuring out your five things.


I want to hear what you want to be remembered for! If you go to the five things Facebook page and post your epitaph, you will be entered into a prize drawing! “What will I win?” you may be asking yourself. How about my very own hard copy of the fantastic book Finish by Jon Acuff, (Which I talk a little about in What does five things look like?) as well as a 30 minute 1:1 Skype session or phone call to help you on your journey to taking your life back. I will be pulling the lucky winner’s name next Monday, so you’ll have a little time to get your post up! You can also earn an extra entry for each time you share on Facebook. Looking forward to hearing from you! Good luck everyone!

You can be the newest owner of this amazing book! 

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