See Ya Later 2017

As the holidays approach the inevitable end to the year is coming. We are so eager to write down a list of things that will definitely make us a better person in the new year. We have such great intentions of changing our whole lives once the clock strikes midnight.

The only problem is that, if you are like me, your list is far too long and don’t even get me started on unrealistic expectations which unfortunately only lead to disappointment.

This year just say NO to new years resolutions, and YES to lasting change.

You are worth the time it takes to figure out what you were created for! I know that life is full, especially this time of year, so we’ll take this one thing at a time.

Today I want you to do one thing. Get a piece of paper and write down every single thing that makes your heart happy. Don’t worry about keeping it to five today. If you love getting coffee with a friend- write it down. If you love reading alone- write that down. Today there are no wrong answers. It doesn’t matter if you love hiking through The Amazon or strolling endlessly through Target, I just want you to see with your eyes all of the things you love. We will take this list and work on it some more, so try not to lose it before then!

Untitled design

If you want to share a few things on your list I’d love to hear! Post here or over at five things Facebook. Hope you are as excited about finding your five things as I am!



  1. Sasha R

    SOOOOOO ready for 2017 to end. It’s been a rough year, although thankfully, my family’s little bubble isn’t doing ok… but that’s doesnt take away the anxiety about the rest of the world. 🤞🏻For a better 2018

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