Just say No to New Years Resolutions

Happy Monday!

Today, we are working toward saying no to New Year’s resolutions that don’t stick and YES to lasting change.

Hope everyone had a chance to sit down and write out their list of all the things that make your heart happy. The longer the list, the better!

A few people have said to me, “It’s just so hard to narrow what I’m about down to only five things.” I get that, but on the flip side, it is also so freeing to be able to narrow your life’s purpose down by focusing on the five things that are the MOST important to you.

Since creating five things in September, I have been so challenged and yet have had more peace in my life than ever before. I’ve been able to give a much stronger yes each time I’m offered opportunities that align with my five things, and a guiltless no every time I’m asked to do things that don’t. That is huge in an age where we often feel like we need to do all.the.things! Am I right? There is no more fear of missing out, and a lot more living and being present where I am.

All right, so I hope you have your nice long list in hand that we created in our last exercise. (See here- See Ya Later 2017) For this next step in finding your five things, you will need a lined sheet of paper. Begin to look through your list and see if there are ideas that go together. For example, you could see that listening to music and playing the guitar are on your list as well as dancing, or singing. All of those things could be grouped into the same category.

I’ll take one of my five things and show you some of things I love that were on my list.

Leaving a Legacy of Health- body, spirit and soul 

Eating healthy foods

Healthy family relationships

Being active outside


Reading and taking time for growth

My kids living in good health

Growing a garden

Buying local food

Happy marriages

Being active in my church

You can see that there is quite a variety of things that I love concerning different aspects of health. We are not quite to the point in the exercise of finding our five things yet, so don’t worry about being too specific. Just take a good look at your list and start to divide it up into topics or ideas that go together. After you do that, let me know! I’d love to hear about your process! five things (3)


I also wanted to let you know that I have a contest running over at the five things Facebook page that has to do with Staying Connected through the season. For every day you complete, if you comment on the post, you will be earn an entry. The prize so far is a $10 Target Gift Card and a Starbucks Ohio mug, but more is being added to the pot over time. I will be pulling a winner on Christmas Eve, which is also the last day of the challenge this season.


Hope you are having fun finding your five things and please reach out if you have any questions! I’d love to hear from you!



    1. fivethings

      So true! I used to think I could do everything, and what a recipe for burn out! I’m really thankful for five things because I feel like I can finally do the things I want to and do them well.


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