Choosing Joy

I hope that everyone has had a great Christmas surrounded by people you love.

If I had to pick what my season was defined by I would say “Choosing joy”. This has been a season of transition, two rounds of the stomach bug, death of a beloved family pet, and job changes. More than ever before this was the year that I personally needed the Stay Connected Challenge the most.

For me, doing the Stay Connected challenge helped me to be present during those hard moments instead of running away to do something that would distract me and numb my mind. It grew a bank of resources I could draw from in the tough moments. I was able to make deposits each day with my kids, husband, and God so that when I needed them most they were not distant. I was even able to make deposits with myself so that I became more of an ally in my thoughts than an enemy.

Realizing that a whole day is not defined by it’s bad moments has really been helpful for me as well. In the past that is something that I struggled with a lot. I tend to be a very extreme person, as in all or nothing, so if there were rough moments then the whole day was awash. This season I was able to experience rough situations fully, then allow it to end and move on. I got to make the choice not to wallow in it, but to choose joy and move along.

There have also been many great moments that happened this season, and I didn’t miss them being disappointed about the things that weren’t going the way I thought they should. My sister and her husband came up from Georgia and it filled my heart so much to spend time with them. This was the first year ever of hosting only my immediate family on Christmas Eve. This was a tough transition for me as holidays are so built on tradition that when they change, even if the change is needed, it can be hard. We used to spend the evening with all of our extended family, but over the years each family has grown. Growth is a great thing, but also creates change. I was nervous about creating an evening just as special with my brothers, sisters and parents, and giving my kids the special experience that I had growing up, and you know what? It ended up being one of my most favorite family celebrations that I can remember!

The Stay Connected Challenge wrapped up on Christmas Eve with my dear friend Daniell Powell winning the Target gift card and Starbucks Ohio mug. I hope that you all enjoyed doing the Stay Connected Challenge this season as much as I did! I really enjoyed working through it each day knowing there were others doing it along with me.

I’m looking forward to some new things coming in 2018, which is already next week! We are also getting close to finding our five things. I’m hoping to post more on that soon. Thanks for coming along on this five things journey with me. Looking forward to more growth in the new year!








  1. Anisa

    I’ve made my resolution for 2018 to be ‘pursue happiness’. 2015-17 were all pretty bad years, but I’m ready to optimistic again and hope for the best. Here’s to the rough patch being over and all the best for 2018 to you and your family xoxo

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    1. fivethings

      This is going to be a great year for you! I can see that you have chosen to be optimistic, and that is the first step. Realizing we get to choose our response to whatever is going on in our life is so key in not letting our circumstances define us. Hope that your new year sees hope and changes for good!


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