Staying Consistent

In the past, I have been a boss at starting things. I could start new things all day long, but when it came to actually following through and finishing something, well that was another story!

Recently, I’ve talked a little bit about choosing words for the year. They can be concepts, ideas, or goals to work toward throughout the year. I have two words for this year. One that was given to me, roots, and one I chose, consistent. Both have actually surprised me.

Today, I want to talk about being consistent. I know in January everyone wants to start something new. I’m pretty sure companies know this and run sales accordingly. I had been watching a workout app for probably about a year. Those before and after pictures totally draw me in. I love seeing incredible transformations – who doesn’t? Of course, once January hit, they ran a sale – 3 months for $1. How could I pass that up? …but it was so cliche to join a work out app in January… Thank goodness my word is consistent, because 6 weeks later, that is keeping me going. That and my health. I would also have to say that a definite mindset change has occurred in me as well. In the past, when I was working out, if I didn’t see the results I was looking for right away, I gave up. This time around, my intention is to make sure that I am in good health so that I can be around for my family. Instead of focusing on results, I focus on the fact that I am moving and sweating and laying it all on the table because no matter my shape, I am worth it!  Obviously what I look like working out!

Something else significant I had to do for health reasons was cut out gluten. I made this choice for my daughter who needed to make the change for health reasons, and in order for me to be intentional with it I knew that I had to give it up too. I’m so thankful that in today’s society, there are many more gluten free food options than there used to be. I will say that I feel a change. It’s only been a month, but my head feels a little clearer. Without the options of things like sandwiches and macaroni and cheese, I’ve had to be more thoughtful and intentional at lunch time, which is honestly where I always struggled. Lunch time was pretty much when the kids got to pick what to eat, and (come on moms out there – you know what I’m talking about) you just eat the left overs. It has forced me to think a little harder about what I’m putting into my body for sure! This is an area in which I definitely want to be consistent, because after going through the withdrawal, once is enough for me, thanks!

Gluten Free Bread
My sad gluten free bread 😦

Another January draw was my uncluttered course. I’ve talked about it a bit on Live Things, my Facebook Live chat that I do every Sunday night. I started out strong, taking things by the car load to the Salvation Army, but it’s a 12 week course and we’re on week 7. I have been slowing down a bit in my enthusiasm, but because I’m choosing to be consistent, I’m not giving up! It’s been so freeing clearing so much clutter that we are not even using out of our house! I was able to give some things that I once loved to to people I love and see them breathe new life into them.

Health is one of my five things, and as you can see, health can really cover many areas. Both physical health and mental health are so important. Doing the Uncluttered Course has really helped me to see that I don’t need to hang on to things to hold on the memories, and letting go of things isn’t letting go of loved ones. If you feel like that is something you could really use help with, I highly recommend following Becoming Minimalist  on Facebook.

Five things is here to help keep me accountable. I wasn’t sure that I wanted to post about working out and going gluten free because there are enough health and fitness pages out there. I felt like it was time for me to post so that I stick with it and set myself up for success in being consistent. These are the hard things that I’m doing, and I want to encourage you by letting you know that you are worth doing hard things too! I’d love to hear if you have chosen a word for the year and what that looks like for you now that February is here. what's (1)



  1. debrahm

    I can totally relate to your ‘starting things all over the place’ sort of. In my case, I love the planning and the set up…..and then tend to get bored and then start looking for the new journey or project! I’m consistent periodically??? Does that count?

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