Experimenting with Less Part 2

These last few weeks I have embarked on experimenting with Project 333. I asked you to join me in my journey in the post Experimenting with Less.

I have been working through minimalism on a few different levels; in fact five things is all about simplifying, so it was only natural for simplicity to hit my closet. During the Uncluttered CourseΒ I took some time to clear out my closet, but having to choose only 33 items of clothing to wear for 30 days was something completely new.

Living in Cleveland where today it was sunny, raining, snowing, and sunny again, can certainly pose some challenges in choosing a limited wardrobe.

Pros for me of doing project 333:

  1. That clothes pile (you know the one I’m talking about – it might be on top of your dresser, a chair, or the floor) is much smaller and easier to manage! It took me two minutes to put everything where it belonged rather than leaving it in the pile.
  2. The amount of time it takes to get ready for the day is much shorter! When you only have the clothes you love to choose from it makes choosing what to wear much simpler!
  3. Less laundry to pile up.
  4. It’s helped me to be a little more generous, which is one of my five things. Instead of buying more things for myself I decided to purchase things for others. (Unfortunately some of those others were also trying to clean out their closets! haha)
  5. I realized that even though I have a whole 33 items to choose from, there are still items that I haven’t worn, and if I haven’t worn it with choices this limited, the odds that I’d miss it when it’s gone are pretty low.
What to wear? What to wear?

Cons of doing Project 333:

  1. I probably could have assessed my footwear better. I chose 3 pairs of boots, and even though it’s cold here I should have made a little room for at least one pair of flats.
  2. The rules of Project 333 state that work out clothes and lounge clothes don’t count toward your 33 items, but you shouldn’t wear them out of the house. I was definitely guilty of running errands at least once in my work out clothes. Project 333’s purpose is to make things simpler, and in the moment it would have been more difficult to go change before leaving. Being the competitive person I am, it did bother me that I was breaking the rules, but I didn’t let it get me off track.
  3. You have to stay on top of the laundry to have your clothes clean but the good news is it pretty much all fits in one load.
  4. If you live in a cold climate and you are traveling to a warmer climate (or vise versa) you will have to give yourself grace. I will be visiting my sister in Georgia soon and I haven’t fully decided what I’m going to pack, but if you see my reference to my footwear choices above,Β  I will definitely be having to add in a few items for the trip.

I honestly had a harder time thinking of the cons of doing Project 333.

Overall I have been quite pleased with cutting my wardrobe down so much, and it has helped me to realize that I want to be more intentional with my purchases going forward.

5 Questions I will ask myself before purchasing clothing:

  1. Am I interested in this item because it is on sale or because I genuinely like it?
  2. Does it fit me perfectly right now? As opposed to “This is a little loose, but I’ll make it work. This is a little tight, but it’ll fit when I lose 5 pounds.”
  3. Is this item something that is well made and will last?
  4. Do I actually need it?
  5. Am I willing to remove something from my closet to make room for this new item?


I used to get daily emails from clothing brands with the latest sales. There’s always the sense of urgency that you have to catch the sale before it ends. Hitting the Unsubscribe button was one of the best things I’ve done. Realizing that I actually signed up to be barraged by constant advertisement is funny to me now, but I’m thankful that simplicity can hit all areas of my life- including my inbox.

Simplifying my priorities with five things has brought so much peace into my life, and it’s been really cool watching simplicity flow into other areas that I didn’t expect. When we choose to live simply it makes more room for the things that really matter.

Are there areas you are working through clearing out? I’d love to hear more about it!



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