Experimenting with Less Part 3

For the last 30 days I have been living with 33 items of clothing. Yesterday my thoughtful, traveling husband brought me back a gift from Texas: brilliant red cowboy boots. This gifts love language girl’s heart was filled up to overflowing.

Red Cowboy Boots

It was the perfect way to end my go at Experimenting with Less, using Project 333.

In a world where every advertisement seems to say you are not enough, Project 333 takes away their power to make you feel like less. When you make a decision in your heart, before you are presented with a temptation, you are going to be far more confident in your response. Having decided that I was only going to be wearing certain items for a set amount of time made such a difference when I was shopping. I didn’t wander in the clothing section finding things on sale that I didn’t actually need or want, but may have been tempted to purchase because they were on sale. “How could I pass up this deal?!”

I learned a lot about myself and my choices through this experiment. I have always hated having too many things to pick from. It is a major reason I grocery shop at Trader Joe’s. It’s also why I prefer to purchase a car from a seller I know rather than searching from scratch. I also LOVE a good recommendation – going to the library and seeing soooo many books to choose from can be overwhelming. Having less items to choose from when shopping really appeals to me, but I didn’t realize until now how that affected my closet and my clothing choices on a daily basis.

Something else I realized during this experiment is that when you’ve found your five things, you recognize that your worth isn’t tied to what you wear.

While doing Project 333, getting ready in the morning took far less time when I had fewer options to choose from. One thing I loved was that when I looked into my closet I only saw items I knew I loved wearing. I also realized that some of the items I used to love, when included in my 33 items, I didn’t even wear one time, and it will be easier to let them go. Why do we keep things that don’t fit us right, or are just not the right color? We put them on from time to time because they are still in the mix only to waste time because, just like the time before, we don’t really feel comfortable in them, and end up choosing something else in the end. I’m so thankful for the Uncluttered Course, because it gave me that push before even starting Project 333 to give many of those items away. Maybe someone else will absolutely love it… and maybe not, but you know what? You’re not going to waste any more time on it!

Speaking of  Uncluttered, I loved it so much I am going to go through it again. You might be thinking “if it was so great, why do you need to do it twice?” I got quite a lot done, but honestly wasn’t able to hit every area of my home. It’s hard work and takes a lot of time and mental as well as physical energy to clear out clutter, but for me, it has been worth it. It has been so freeing letting things go with the purpose of bringing more peace into my home and wasting less time caring for and cleaning said things.

Your worth isn’t tied to what you wear. 

If this has sparked any interest in you and you would like to take The Uncluttered Course, contact me for a 25% off code, and I’ll be happy to share. I am not getting paid one cent to promote this course. I just felt the benefits were so great that I can’t help but share it! The course does begin May 1st, so keep that in mind.

I’m glad that my experiment was only 30 days long because it seems winter is finally leaving Cleveland! I will definitely take principals of Project 333 with me as I change out my wardrobe for warmer weather. If you’ve tried this, I’d love to hear what your experience was!


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