Mother’s Day Inspiring Mom Highlight- Jillian Vereb

First up is my dear friend Jillian. Everyone needs a Jillian in their life! When we are together we are either laughing till we cry, crying till we laugh, or full on ugly crying. Everyone definitely needs someone who you can ugly cry with. Am I right?!

I have asked Jillian to tell us a little bit about her experience with motherhood because she has faced challenges that will resonate with a lot of mothers out there. She speaks openly and honestly and although there has been mourning through her motherhood  process, Jillian carries so. much. JOY!

Name: Jillian Vereb

How long have you been a mom? 9 years

How many kids do you have? Two

What is your favorite thing about being a mom? It’s hard for me to pick a favorite. But I love being silly and having fun with them. Crazy adventures, funny dances, the same knock-knock jokes over and over. And snuggles. All the snuggles.

What has been one of the most difficult things you’ve experienced as a mom? When my youngest was unexpectedly born with significant medical challenges. There was a lot of grief in mourning what I thought that experience would be like, worry over what the future held for her and us as a family, and how to advocate for her to reach her full potential. But along with that difficult time I have also witnessed God do the miraculous, learned to walk by faith and not by sight, and that peace and joy are not dependent upon our circumstances. Blessings in the struggles.

What is something you’ve learned through being a mom? Life is amazing. It is such a wild and precious gift and I can’t help but wonder at the miraculousness.

Have you surprised yourself in your motherhood? How much I love cooking. I love feeding my people. It’s such a labor of love and I find so much joy in it that I didn’t have before kids.

If you had to repeat one thing in your parenting that your parents did what would it be? My parents weren’t afraid to live against the grain. To value a simple life, with nourishing foods and small footprint in a society that encouraged the opposite.

Mom life, inspiring moms, encouragement for moms,

What is one encouragement you would love to pass along to a young mom?
Be gentle on yourself. I think we tend to put a lot of pressure on ourselves to have all the answers, compare ourselves to other moms or to be at the top of our game day in and day out and the truth is we are all in process. We are learning and growing and changing every day in every situation with every child. You are a good mother.


I love so many things about the way that Jillian mothers her children! She takes the time to make things magical, live in the moment, and when she said she loves being silly I definitely see her living that out!

Thanks Jillian first for your friendship, and also for taking the time to speak and share your heart today!

Happy Mother's Day! Celebrating Moms all week!


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