Mother’s Day Inspiring Mom Highlight- Lisa Max with Let the Children Fly

Giant does not even begin to describe the woman I have the honor of introducing you to today.

I had the pleasure of meeting Lisa Max about 5 years ago at The Children’s Leadership School at Bethel Church out in Redding, California. Lisa has powerfully impacted my parenting as well as my ability to raise my kids with the awareness of Holy Spirit and how powerful they truly are as ambassadors for the Kingdom of God.

Lisa runs the ministry Let the Children Fly, and I have taken her online classes several times. Yes guys, it was so good I took it twice! When it comes to parenting I always need refreshing, and the wisdom Lisa has to share for children and families is like none other.

When I was thinking of mothers to highlight this week I knew I had to reach out to Lisa. It was important for me to choose moms from different backgrounds and experiences to speak to the hearts of all my moms out there. Lisa is a single mom and I am absolutely blown away at how she is able to do all the things she does and the way that she loves her kids so well. Justin, my husband, travels a lot for work, so it has given me a real appreciation for single moms. It is amazing to watch Lisa thriving and her testimony is incredible.  I’m so thankful she took the time to answer some questions for us, so without further ado, let me introduce you to my friend Lisa!

Name: Lisa Max

How long have you been a mom?  

14 GLORIOUS years! 

How many kids do you have? 

Well, 7 kids, 5 alive, 4 with me,1 adopted, 2 in heaven (but only 6 pregnancies since I had twins). 

What is your favorite thing about being a mom?

Being empowered and feeling like I can make a huge difference in someone’s life. Connecting to their hearts and seeing the fruit of it. 

What has been one of the most difficult things you’ve experienced as a mom?

 24/7 365 days on repeat!

What is something you’ve learned through being a mom?

God positions us as parents so that HE can continue to parent us through our children. The second chance to be child like, learn joy and come alive is breathtaking.

Have you surprised yourself in your motherhood?

YES! I should have the classic terribly dysfunctional family all things consided, and yet, here we are…. thriving, whole and impacting others. It leaves me speechless. I didn’t know I had inside of me all that has come out through motherhood. 

If you had to repeat one thing in your parenting that your parents did what would it be?

Go after your calling in life with everything you have because it IS a part of who your child is designed to be. My Dad was a pioneer with a Chiropractic method. My Mom was Teacher of the Year every single year (they made a statue in her honor after she died). I am a spiritual teacher who brings families into alignment. Meaning, I am a combo of both of them. I believe what they sowed into in the natural is part of who I am in the spiritual realm. I value that they took their place on earth so seriously and did it with such excellence and devotion. 

What is one encouragement you would love to pass along to a young mom?

Every mistake, every bad day, every time you loose your cool and blow it, God knew that before He even placed His creation in your arms. He was okay with your messes because He trusts Himself to work it out for your child’s good. He didn’t call you to be a perfect parent, He is inviting you to partner with Him in your parenting to do it together.

I hope you guys were as blessed as I was today! I love when Lisa said “God positions us as parents, so that He can continue to parent us through our children…” So good! If this message spoke to your heart I highly encourage you guys to go to Lisa’s Facebook page Let the Children Fly where you can hear much more from her as well as participate in encouraging other parents.

Thank you Lisa for giving us your time and helping me to celebrate and encourage all the moms this week on Five Things! Your friendship has been a treasure to me and I appreciate you greatly!




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