Mother’s Day Inspiring Mom Highlight-Breanne Logue

The mom I am excited to highlight today is so dear to my heart. Our friendship actually goes all the way back to when our dads went to highschool together. How many people can say their friendship goes that far back? Breanne Logue has been encouraging me and inspiring me since she was my volleyball coach back in 9th grade, which we all know was just a few short years ago!

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I have asked Bre to share some of her mothering experiences with us because although she has walked through difficult times, has never lost her vivaciousness for life! Bre lives life to the very fullest. When I think of Bre, I think of a mom that doesn’t let one drop of a day go to waste. She demonstrates adventure to her kids and lives in such a way that sparks curiosity and wonder in those around her. Bre is one of those people that can jump right in to any situation and excel. I love that Bre can be digging in the garden with her kids by day, and painting the town red in her heels by night. Also, she knows all the hot spots in town- everyone needs a good friend who is in the know!


Name: Breanne Logue

How long have you been a mom? 9 years

How many kids do you have? 3

What is your favorite thing about being a mom?

That it is a great adventure and I’m able to find a reason to celebrate life with them.
It’s so hard but rewarding to experience and be a part of.
I think motherhood exposes and opens part of your heart and soul you may not otherwise be aware of.❤️

What has been one of the most difficult things you’ve experienced as a mom?
One of the most difficult things has been my walk through Apraxia Diagnosis with my son, and finding out what most of us imagine to be “normal” would not be my “normal” with him. That being said I perhaps grew most as a mother through that experience.

What is something you’ve learned through being a mom?
1. It takes a village. Like literally an entire village to be semi surviving and occasionally awesome.

2. To give myself grace to be just good enough and the space to say no.

3. Most importantly I’ve learned to trust my mom gut. I may not know all the answers but always remember no one knows your kids better than you.

Have you surprised yourself in your motherhood?
Yes. Surprised at my sheer ability to bulldoze through a wall for my kids. Run through an airport 9 months preggo to catch a plane, corner the head of rainbow babies to get an insurance letter signed; almost maim a TSA agent who threatened to dump one gallon of breastmilk…. motherhood is crazy but good.

If you had to repeat one thing in your parenting that your parents did what would it be?
It would be to build, protect and celebrate family time as the top priority.

What is one encouragement you would love to pass along to a young mom?
1. No matter how much experience you may or may not have, always take good counsel, but never at the expense of your gut. No one knows your kid better than you!

2. You matter, what you’re doing matters- whether its home full time, work full time or part-time you are providing for your family in such an important way.

3. Always remember God gave your kids the mom they exactly need.


Bre has such a beautiful passionate heart. She’s the first to share what she has if someone needs it, and is often found using her culinary skills to take meals to new moms. I’ve been lucky to be on the receiving end of a few of her delicious meals!

When I think of empowered women I think of Bre. She wears many hats, but doesn’t let any of her roles define her. She marches to the beat of her own drum, and that’s music I’d listen to anytime!

Thanks Bre for mothering your kids so well! You inspire me greatly and I’m so thankful for your friendship!


Mother's Day! Celebrating Moms all week!


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