Keys to Transition Well

We made it to June! Can you believe we are half way through the year? The last few weeks I’ve been feeling the swirling of transition. My baby has moved into a big bed and we have actually passed along our crib. It has been harder for me than I thought it would realizing we are moving out of the baby-phase that we’ve been living in for basically the last 10 years.

This time of year always brings transition with the general moving from school to summer, and the reality that my kids are growing so fast! They start talking about how they are already in the next grade up and I’m trying to keep up.

June is always a great time to do some reevaluating in your life. Are the goals you set in January still the same goals you are working toward, or have you accomplished your old goals and need to set new ones? In January I didn’t set any New Years resolutions but I looked at my Five Things and saw what I needed to work toward that was in line with what was actually important to me.

I signed up for the Uncluttered Course, which I’ve mentioned quite a bit about here, took the 12 week Sweat Challenge by Kayla Itsines for my health, and ordered a new homeschooling curriculum. Once I completed my course, finished the challenge, and finished up with school I was beginning to feel the itch. What is next? Which leads to thoughts such as, “What am I even doing with my life?!” and that’s when I began to realize that I’m just going through transition.

Transition can shake us up in unique ways. It doesn’t usually just effect one area of our lives, but has a way of making everything seem off balance. It’s not usually a great time to make big decisions, but it can be a good time to take a look and see, while everything is already up in the air, if anything needs to change or shift and to embrace it and go with it.

During this time of transition I realized that I needed to take a look at my Five Things and see if I needed to expand, change, or shift  any of them. I’m going to relist my five here:

  1. Always putting my family first and giving them my best
  2. Living generously
  3. Connecting kids’ hearts to Jesus
  4. Leaving a legacy of Health – body, spirit, and soul
  5. Having everyone I encounter feel heard, loved, and connected in some fresh way

Since starting Five Things last September, I have realized some other things that are important to me that I wanted to add in. Living simply has been a recurring theme and something I’ve been working toward over the last six months and I decided that instead of just “Living generously,” I want to be intentional to Live simply so that I can live generously. I want to buy less stuff so that I can be able to give freely to others without worrying if I will have enough to make ends meet at the end of the month. Living simply also gives me freedom to spend more time doing the things that are important to me instead of always needing to spend time caring for my things and spend way less time cleaning!

One of my Five Things was Connecting kids’ hearts to Jesus, and while this is still important to me,  Five Things has allowed me to speak into the lives of many women that I wouldn’t have had the opportunity to otherwise, and that has become something that is more important to me than I previously realized.  Empowering women to break off lies that have been keeping them back from living full and rich lives is something that is very important to me. I think changing from only being kid focused to including empowering women is a necessary change for me, so Empowering women and children by connecting their hearts to Jesus is how I’m shifting that.

This morning I was reading the story in John, of Jesus’ disciples on the fishing boat. They had been fishing all night and hadn’t caught one fish. Jesus was walking along the shore and tells them to throw their net on the other side. When they listen and throw their net on the other side, they catch more fish than their net can even hold. The great thing about Five Things is that nothing is written in stone. It is so important to listen for God’s voice and if something isn’t working out don’t be afraid to throw your net on the other side. Just because you’ve been doing something one way for a while, doesn’t mean you can’t try something new and see if it’s a better fit for you.  There is room for growth and change because we are human and we grow and change daily. Five things isn’t meant to restrict you, but to empower you to live the life you were created for.

Transition isn’t easy but some of the key’s I’ve found to help transition smoothly are:

  1. Naming it
  2. Giving yourself grace and time through it
  3. Embracing it

It is important to name transition. When we name our transition it gives words to our emotions. When things are feeling unsettled and a little out of control it’s good to take time to look and see if you are are going through transition. When you can give it a name you have more understanding for what you are working with.

You can not rush transition. Give yourself plenty of time and grace to transition well. Many people, myself included, try to fit old routines into new life situations, and get frustrated when it doesn’t work. It takes time to settle down and that’s OK. Some specific life events that you need to give yourself time to process and transition through are getting married, having a baby, moving houses, and getting a new job just to name a few. If you have done any of these things you have to give yourself so much grace through the learning, settling, and adjusting processes and it all takes time.

Last but not least, embrace it! When we fight against something that has to happen I have found that it makes the whole process take longer than it should. I like to think it’s like giving birth, which I’ve had my fair share of experience in. When you are having contractions you have to work with them. If you try to control them or fight against the pain it can make labor much more difficult and lengthy. When you embrace the contractions as what needs to happen, relax your body, and move with them you will have a much better result.

Understanding what season you are in is so important and I know that moving from season to season requires change and transition. With these keys in hand, I know you will be able to face your next transition like a boss!



  1. itsahotmess04

    There are so many transitions in life, and as a mom it’s hard to handle all of them. We are personally transitioning from having baby number 4, and trying to balance 2 kids with autism, the amount of therapy, and life in general. This was truly inspiring!

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