Loving My Body Even in My Bathing Suit

IΒ have always said that one of my major reasons for starting Five Things was for accountability for myself. It is one thing to decide you want change in your life, but it’s another entirely when you put it out on the internet. Because I tend to be a pretty competitive person, this method works well for me.

Leaving a legacy of health regarding body, mind, and soul is very important to me. I have been into natural foods for a long time, gluten free since January, and got really into exercising this year. I saw some good results, but beyond that, I learned to love my body because my body has been good to me. Not because it looks like anyone else’s body, but because it gave me five healthy amazing children, which has certainly left its mark.

I have to admit body image is something that I have struggled with most of my life. I don’t know many women who haven’t struggled with this issue in some way, shape, or form. Next week I’m going to be turning 34, but for some reason I still think my body should look like it did when it was twenty – when I hadn’t given birth to one baby, let alone five!

Health is a huge part of my life. I want to be around for my kids when they grow up. I lost my mom when she was just 38 years old. As I’ve hit my thirties, the reality of how young she was when she passed has never been more clear. I’ve also lost dear friends far too young, and for them I want to make my life count. Every new day is truly a gift.

I’m continually changing my mindset. Looking slim, or muscular, or generally conforming to the standards society sets for the outward appearance of your body doesn’t necessarily make you healthy. I’m genuinely learning to love my body. It is a good body that has served me well. I want to take care of my body, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that I’m working hard with being fit and slim as my end goal anymore, and that’s okay. It’s also important to have a healthy mind, and having a healthy body image is as important for your mind as it is your body!

If you read my article on Staying ConsistentΒ I talk about a work out app that I was using. For accountability reasons I thought I should go full disclosure – I cancelled my subscription to the SWEAT app and decided to buy a bathing suit that covers a little more. I didn’t want to cancel the app because it felt like giving up on myself, but that just isn’t true. I simply don’t have the time in this season for it. In summer, I would rather be active by taking my son on a bike ride or my kids to the beach for the day. I may have paid for a month or two when I didn’t use the app at all because it felt like I wasn’t valuing my health if I discontinued the subscription, but just because you pay for a workout app doesn’t mean your body is reaping the benefits. I promise it’s okay to let it go!

If this is something you struggle with, know that I am right there with you! I am learning to love my body and treat it kindly more and more each day and I hope that this encourages you to do the same. You are worth it.




  1. writteninwaikiki

    Like a lot of women, I’ve definitely struggled with body issues too. Mostly after having my first child. It’s hard to let go of the body I used to have, but even back then I wasn’t happy with it. I look back on photos and wonder what I was worried about then. It’s definitely a lot about mindset and needing to learn to accept it’s how it is. Being healthy and happy is more important.

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    1. fivethings

      Yes! It’s funny how you mention looking back and wondering what we were even worried about then. I have definitely thought the same thing when I look back at pictures and remember how I felt. It’s all about being healthy for ourselves and letting go of the thoughts that drag us down. πŸ’›


  2. KDrama Hot Review

    Very encouraging words. Every time I go to the beach I wear one pieces that cover EVERYTHING and a cover up over it. If not that I wear regular jeans and a tank. I also agree that being slim or looking muscular does not mean you are healthily. I’m working on loving my body more. Good post!

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  3. themagiconmainstreet

    I struggle so much with my body image as well. At 35 it is the biggest issue that keeps me up at night. I hope eventually I will figure out how to be healthy and be happy, but not feel that I need to be perfect. Thanks for sharing!

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    1. fivethings

      Love your body right now, right where it’s at. Be kind to yourself. Finding the road to health is different for everyone, but the most important thing we can be to ourselves along the way is kind. πŸ’›


  4. Erin

    This is such honest and humble advice! I don’t have kids yet, but I’ve certainly struggled with my body image. After a few minor medical issues this year, I also learned that you need to love the body you’re in and most importantly take care of it! It’s not about how you look to the rest of the world, it’s how you treat yourself from the inside out. Love this!

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