The Joys of Starting A New Business

It’s less than two weeks till go time. Two weeks!

We closed on Ruth’s Place on September 17th and gave ourselves about a month and a half to open. On September 17th that seemed like loads of time. That coming from someone who has never once in my whole life ever flipped a house in any way shape or form, so I was definitely not going on any kind of experience here. Surely a month and a half was plenty of time… I think you can imagine where this is going. I obviously had loads of ambition, but not a realistic understanding of how long things take.

This has been such a challenging time of keeping healthy boundaries and letting my Five Things guide me. We set aside this season to launch a business: when we are saying yes to something huge, that often means having to say no to some things, even good things. It was not easy seeing my Instagram feed full of smiling faces at the pumpkin patch and having to let go of the guilt that we didn’t make that happen this year. There have been friends I haven’t seen since I took on this project, not because I don’t want to- believe me I do, but until this project is complete this is where I need to use my time and energy.

On the flip side to that, there have been some incredible friends and family that have offered their furniture, time, and help which I am so thankful for! My dear friend Addie just refinished her wood floors, which was a huge task, and then offered to come help me with mine! Who does that? I think once would have been enough for me! Addie has been a sister to me since high school, and she has been nothing but a huge encouragement and blessing since taking on this project.


Addie removing carpet tacks like a boss!

I gotta give my Aunt Di a shout out here as well! She has been a huge help with painting the cabinets, helping to clean, and moving all. the. beds!! I actually wish I had a video of her and me trying to carry the box the king bed was delivered in up the stairs. If you know me, you know that when things aren’t going well or I’m a little nervous I can. not. stop. laughing. It’s a good and bad thing… I started picturing me losing my grip on the bed and it taking Aunt Di out as it tumbled down the stairs. I was dying laughing while trying to hold a thousand pound box and keep it from doing just that. We were both crying laughing and that’s a moment I don’t want to forget! There’s something about working hard together that creates a special bond that nothing else can, because you can create great memories like that along the way.

You may have heard the old saying, “Measure twice, cut once.” I’ve always been a “measure once, fix it later” kind of a girl, but this project is helping me to find the balance of doing things right rather than just handling it and getting it done. I’m still not a perfectionist, but I’ve learned that it’s really not fun to do something three times when you can just do it right the first, or second time.

I_ve always been a “measure once, fix it later” kind of a girl.

Decision fatigue is a real thing, and if you’ve known me for any measure of time you know I do not find great joy in too many choices. Having to design and furnish a whole house takes a lot of decision making. From rugs to furniture, tile to paint colors, and figuring out layouts, my mind hasn’t stopped spinning from day one. It’s also difficult when you set your heart on something but then you end up having to change things around. I got a beautiful tile that didn’t end up fitting right in the space and I had to then make another decision. I don’t know if I was more sad about the tile not fitting or the fact that I had to start from scratch and make yet another choice. In the end I absolutely love how the new tile turned out, and will be saving the first tile for my own home! Bonus: thanks to my dear friend Bettina, now I’m pretty much a tile boss!

Bettina is another friend I’ve looked up to since highschool. It’s been really precious how God has brought some very dear ones back into my life when I really needed it! I mentioned here, Starting Something New, about Bettina having an AirBnB and how she has just been a wealth of wisdom on the subject. (Definitely go check out the Pulaski House) She gets a huge shout out for coming to help me grout tile the night before she was going to leave on a big trip. Talk about making me feel ridiculously loved! This project has been probably one of my biggest undertakings, (lets be real- beside parenting) but there has been so much grace on it! God has been using it to teach me lessons on accepting help, allowing others in, and taking big risks. As you can see from my previous article,  Learning to Accept Help is a continual lesson I’m in the process of learning.

On one hand, yes, there is pressure to complete the task in two weeks, but on the other hand I am so looking forward to the relief that will come with finishing up and being able to use the space!

You might be wondering what opening an AirBnB has to do with Five Things, and I can’t wait to tell you about the things I have up my sleeve in the future!

If you’ve never used AirBnB, I highly recommend it. Click here  to get $40 off your first trip! Keep in mind we’re opening November 1st! If you’ve had a great experience I’d love to hear from you! Tell me what you loved so I can try to incorporate what made your stay great over at Ruth’s Place.  Thanks for your help!



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